Dale Jacquette (ed.)
Senior Professorial Chair in Theoretical Philosophy
University of Bern, Switzerland

Abstracts with titles are solicited for a new volume in the Wiley-Blackwell series Philosophy for Everyone, under the general series editorship of Fritz Allhoff. Like previous volumes in the successful ancestral Epicurean Philosophy series-including Beer & Philosophy: The Unexamined Beer Isn’t Worth Drinking, Wine & Philosophy: A Symposium on Thinking and Drinking, and Food & Philosophy: Eat, Think, and Be Merry-Cannabis and Philosophy will focus on philosophical, social, and economic aspects of a popular albeit illegal indulgence.

There are countless philosophically interesting issues related to cannabis use. Suggestions for topics include but are by no means limited to: cannabis gourmandise; phenomenology and epistemology of cannabis intoxication; distinction between substance use and substance abuse; morality of illegal substance ingestion; civil disobedience and cannabis use; medicinal marijuana and the morality of legal sanctions against medically prescribed usage; related health aspects of cannabis; definitions of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ drugs; whether cannabis is a gateway substance to harder substances; cannabis-influenced aesthetics in art and music; political aspects of cannabis legalization and decriminalization movements; medical and psychological effects of cannabis use, short- and long-term; social implications of cannabis prohibition; relativism and cannabis-induced alterations of perception; memory and cannabis use; impact of cannabis on popular culture; cannabis and nineteenth century literature; globalism and worldwide cannabis cultivation practices; cannabis tourism; legal and social dimensions of home cultivation; cannabis and philosophical insight; cannabis and the critical outlook in philosophy; enhancement of pleasures using recreational drugs.

Contributors to the volume will include philosophers, academics outside of philosophy in fields related to the volume’s themes, and knowledgeable experts in the industry and production of cannabis and paraphernalia. There is no presumption that by writing for this volume a contributor implies either personal cannabis ingestion or an endorsement of cannabis use by others. The volume introduction will contain explicit disclaimers to this effect, and individual contributors are welcome if they choose also to emphasize this fact in their own specific cases. Critics of cannabis are especially invited to contribute. We will be treating an important theme in an academic fashion like any other of social importance, although we expect the collection also to feature a certain amount of fun and mature good humor about marijuana use; contributors are accordingly encouraged if they choose to relate personal anecdotes and impressions if any of their own or acquaintances’ experience with cannabis.

Guidelines for Contributions:
-Abstract of paper (approx. 250 words) submission deadline: December 1, 2008
-Acceptances will be issued December 15, 2008
-Submission deadline for completed papers will be in the Summer 2009
-Final papers should be approximately 4000-5000 words
-Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail to

 Please contact Prof. Jacquette at the above email address if you have any questions about the book. Other proposals for series titles are also welcome; please direct those to Fritz Allhoff at

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