Use of Weapons?

Navnet på min hjemmeside er hentet fra en af mine yndlingsbøger, den skotske forfatter Iain M. Banks’ fantastiske roman Use of Weapons. Bogens titel kommer fra en af romanens kernescener:

He smiled at the doors (somebody was thumping on them, calling out a word that might have been his name; he couldn’t remember now). So silly. Doing the Right Thing; the Only Way Out. The Honourable Exit. What a load of nonsense. Just despair, just the last laugh to have, opening a mouth through the bone to confront the world direct; here.

But such consummate skill, such ability, such adaptability, such numbing ruthlessness, such a use of weapons when anything could become weapon…

His hand was shaking. He could see the doors starting to give way; somebody must be hitting them very hard. He supposed he must have locked them; there was nobody else in the room. He ought to have chosen a bigger gun, he realised; this one might not be big enough to do the job.

His mouth was very dry.

He pressed the gun hard against his temple and pulled the trigger.

Hvad det hele betyder? Det må du læse bogen for at finde ud af.

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